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That One Time I Was Almost Accidentally “That Person” For a Week Long Festival

AKA: What To Do When You Forget Your Deodorant at a Festival.

Seeing a solar eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime event for most people, so when the opportunity arose to attend Global Eclipse Gathering in 2017 for the Solar Eclipse, I dropped my other plans and made it happen. I had no other friends attending but I knew it was something that couldn’t be missed. I decided to take the plunge and go alone. I bought myself a ticket, a flight, and a shuttle ride in from the airport. At this point in my festival timeline, I wasn’t exactly new to the scene. I’d done maybe 30 festivals, plenty of which involved camping, and many of which were solo. I was not at all worried about my gear, about being alone, or about my prep. I was ready to go.


Get Ready for Sacred Vibrations’ Sophomore Year

Who’s ready for round two?! We sure are!  Sacred Vibrations Music and Arts Festival is preparing hard for its second visit to Salt River Acres in a couple short weeks, from October 4-6th, and it’s sure to please.


If you haven’t heard of Sacred Vibrations – get familiar, because this young festival is gaining popularity faster than we ever could have imagined. The festival’s first year in 2017 brought an amazing and diverse lineup with a dedicated crowd of attendees, and 2018 is looking even better. This year’s headliners include electronic rock fusion superstars Papadosio, freeform bass newcomer LSDream, the jammy goodness of Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers, and many more.


Q&A – Can You Explain Burning Man to Someone Who’s Only Been to Electric Forest? – Burning Man vs Electric Forest Part 1

This question came up a few months ago in a discussion regarding the Mechan-9 art piece at Electric Forest in Michigan. Mechan-9 was one of many pieces that was once found in the deep playa at Burning Man, but found it’s way to Sherwood Forest. This connection brought up questions regarding Burning Man, and how the experience compares to Electric Forest.

Q: I was looking at Burning Man info all day to see what I thought of checking it out next year. Kinda seems like Forest, except rather than relaxation and comfort, it’s about trying to have fun despite huge annoyances. The way they act on their subreddit didn’t really inspire me either. Anyone here done both?


Sacred Vibrations Festival Review – A Perfect End to the Season

I found out about Sacred Vibrations from a Facebook post less than two weeks before the gates opened – not a lot of warning to prepare for a camping festival, and especially so for myself, coming from Canada.

But as soon as I saw the lineup and the ticket price, I knew I had to do it. The venue was only a 3 hour and 20 minute drive from home, which seemed like an absolute breeze compared to some of the other trips I’ve made this summer for festivals within my own province of Ontario. We truly have nothing else like this available to us – camping festivals are limited, and the ones that we do have mostly focus on tech-house. The psychedelic bass community in Ontario is almost non-existent, but the lineup for Sacred Vibrations was completely stacked with some of my favourite artists including Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, Whitebear, and AtYya. It was a first-time festival; it’s always extra enticing to know you could pioneer an events’ attendance. I couldn’t miss this one.


Sacred Vibrations Festival is Just What the Midwest Needs

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Summer is fading, but that doesn’t mean we’re done! Sacred Vibrations Music and Arts festival is a new 2-day camping festival taking over Michigan area this fall. Featuring the best of grimey, bassy, and delightful super-power acts such as Ott, Desert Dwellers, and Kalya Scintilla – I couldn’t be more excited. This is just what we needed to delay the post festival-season blues for a few more weeks.


What? Where? When?

This first edition of Sacred Vibrations festival will take place at Salt River Acres, near Shepherd, Michigan. The lineup for this one is absolutely stacked, and will include some personal favourites such as AtYyAMerkaba, and Whitebear – psychedelic filth that’s a treat to see in this part of the continent. Live artists such as Dixon’s Violin and dubstep destroyers like Peanutbutter Williams are also on the lineup to mix it up and keep us excited. But it isn’t just about the lineup, attendees can look forward to daytime activities including yoga classes, flow workshops, beginner’s digital art, and live paint and glassblowing demonstrations. “We want to create a space for creativity to prosper”, said Sacred Vibration’s Director Matt Connors. The event is presented by Life Style Destinations; an outlet which aims to unite people together through the power of the arts.

This is a family-friendly event and should have something for the whole tribe. (…just remember to put headphones on those little ones, please!)



Easy No-Prep No-Cook Camping Festival Food Ideas

So, you don’t feel like carting all your cooking gear to a festival? Yeah, me neither.

Some people are cool to bring the grill and all the gear and cook up their breakfast and deal with dishes when they’re done, but that isn’t for me. I’ve tried. I’ve brought the gear. I’ve went in with the best intentions.

…but it just isn’t going to happen. Lets accept it now. I am never going to cook at a festival.