Welcome to Rachel Does Festivals!

My vision behind RachelDoesFestivals is to provide both curious new fans and festival veterans alike with the information they need to build the perfect festival experience for themselves.

If you’ve ever met me personally, you know I love festivals.

My first festival was a major turning point in my life, that finally showed me the freedom, kindness, openness, and creativity that I was craving in my life. I knew I’d found my home. And I wanted to do whatever I could to help other wanderers find their way home, too.

I love everything about festivals. I love reading about them, planning for them, and and watching videos about them. I love buying tickets, booking my flights, and picking out my gear. I love travelling to interesting new places and camping in beautiful environments with amazing art and fantastic people. I love the continual hunt for new music – anything to intrigue, interest, excite, and challenge me.

In my adventures, I’ve been lucky enough to have attended dozens of festivals across several different countries, always in search of a new experience. As I’ve built a network and experience, I’ve been given the opportunity to work as an influencer, a promoter, a media provider, and a festival planner.

Festivals are on my mind every day. Some may call me obsessed.

More than anything – what I really love is talking to others about my passion. Nothing makes me happier than meeting an eager new fan exploring the idea of attending their very first event.

But… attending a festival isn’t always as easy as buying a ticket. When travel, camping, shuttles, supplies, and dozens of ticket options and add-ons are available, making arrangements to attend a festival can be an overwhelming experience. Attendees can be unsure of how to begin planing their trip, what to expect when they arrive, and how to pack.

My vision behind RachelDoesFestivals is to provide both curious new fans and festival veterans alike with the information they need to build themselves the perfect festival experience.

I aim to provide tips and personal experiences to make the festival experience, particularly destination and camping festivals, more manageable and affordable, and less overwhelming for those who may not know what to expect.

Although I attend all types of festivals from large 14-stage international electronic extravaganzas to tiny one-stage local events, my personal preferences include more obscure electronic genres, destination festivals, and smaller/lesser-known events, all of which I approach from a personal perspective.

Whether you’re curious about your first adventure, or have an arm full or wristbands, I hope that I can help you on your path to finding your home.


Want Rachel to preview/review your event? Please forward all media inquiries to racheldoesfestivals@gmail.com!